MEETUP 2020.





We appreciate your support and loyalty to Empowery, thank you for understanding this decision was made to keep our supporters safe and healthy.

Empowery Summit 2020

Most Exclusive eCommerce Event

We know all the right people and The Empowery Summit is where our diverse group entrepreneurs come together for 3 action packed days of useful content, networking and mastermind. There is no other other even in eCom like this because we aim to over-deliver, and we always do. 

Steve Simonson

This is the first Empowery event, but Steve is leading the team and has vast experience creating events around the world.

Steve Simonson, the co-founder of Empowery and Catalyst88 and SymoGlobal (and many more companies!), will be a featured Keynote Speaker. Steve will share some of the highs and lows of being an eCommerce Entrepreneur possibly to include a brief retelling of his first Million Dollar Day. Steve's years of experience combined with his commitment to helping entrepreneurs is unparalleled and unyielding. Steve has scaled multiple companies from ZERO to 50 Million in annual sales and BEYOND. Your chance to listen, learn, and hangout at this event is a great opportunity to harness his experience.





You will have access to extraordinary content which will allow you to:


  • Launch, select the best products for immediate sales on Amazon and other marketplaces.

  • Rank, learn the most effective techniques to rank existing or new products to page one of Amazon.

  • Win, learn operational secrets the big companies use that you can leverage to make a profitable business.

  • VIP, all attendees, but especially VIPs will have the chance to create lasting and meaningful relationships that can lead to extraordinary business ROI.


Event Plans

General Admission

$997/2 days

Regular Seating

Free Snacks

Breakfast + Lunch Both Days


$1997/3 days

Regular Seating

Free Snacks

Day Three Mastermind

Breakfast & Lunch - 3 Days

VIP Dinner all 3 Days

VIP Empowery Members Only


$1699/3 days

Regular Seating

Free Snacks

Day Three Mastermind

Breakfast & Lunch - 3 Days

VIP Dinner all 3 Days

Ticket Options

What ticket is right for you?

The General Admission ticket is designed for the emerging entrepreneur who is ready to dig and to really scale. You'll get access to the 5 star venue provided breakfast and lunch, but no dinners. You will get access to Day 1 and Day 2 only.

The VIP ticket is for the higher level seller who has accomplished something, but is ready to break through the barriers and achieve new heights. All meals and experiences are includes as well as all 3 days of the full event. Be prepared to share with the group, especially during the mastermind sessions.

Event Schedule


June, 2020

Registration + Breakfast

Host: Melissa Simonson

08.00 AM

Speaker Presentations

9:00 AM


12:00 PM

Speaker Presentations

1:30 PM

VIP Dinner

7:00 PM


June, 2020


8:00 AM

Training Sessions

9:00 AM


12:00 PM


1:30 PM

08.45 AM, Hall A

VIP Dinner

7:00 PM


June, 2020

VIP Breakfast

8:00 AM

Mastermind Opening

9:00 AM

9:15 AM - Global Branding

10:00 AM - Amazon

VIP Lunch

12:00 PM

Mastermind Sessions

1:30 PM

VIP Dinner

1:30 PM

Past Event Gallery



Steve and The Empowery want each year to be better than the last!  

“ I knew Steve would over deliver. In fact I think he over-delivered on over delivering! :-) It was awesome! ”

Doug S

Amazon eCommerce Seller

“ Phenomenal 3 days! Connected with some amazing entrepreneurs. One thing I will say about Steve; anything he does he brings his best and this event is no exception. ”

Tyrone O

Amazon eCommerce Seller

"With one shipment we saved enough to cover the cost of joining Empowery...We're glad we joined Empowery and we suggest you do the same."

Ina S

Amazon eCommerce Seller

"Just finished the Catalyst88 UK event...I've really enjoyed the past three days and I highly recommend it and will definitley be coming back to the next one."

Tyrone O

Amazon eCommerce Seller

"Met Steve in Las Vegas. We were very impressed with Steve's knowledge and experience and always being very helpful and transparent...We probably tripled our business since being part of the Catalyst88 group."

Shawn and Kelly H

Amazon eCommerce Sellers

  • 15 JANUARY 2020

    Early Bird Tickets On Sale


    Take advantage of the big savings on the early bird tickets!

  • 31 MARCH 2020

    Early Bird Pricing Expires


    This is the deadline for Early Bird pricing. 

  • 30 APRIL 2020

    Prices Rise Again...

    The pricing will be raised again an additional 25%.

  • 17 JUNE 2020

    Arrive to Seattle

    Airport code SEA. Our event is at a very exclusive venue in Bellevue, WA. We'll share the details after you book your ticket.

  • 21 JUNE 2020

    Departure Date for VIPs

    The general admission event is on June 18th and June 19th. Those with general admission tickets can depart on June 19th. The VIPs who are staying for the 20th for the mastermind should plan on departing no earlier than June 21st. It's always a nice time of year so it would be a great time to extend your visit in Seattle or the San Juan Islands!


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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

1. Ticket FAQs

  • i. Is my ticket refundable?

    You can request a refund within 5 days of the ticket purchase date, but that refund offer expires 30 days before the event which is April 15th. We want to respect our customers and ticket holders, but we are investing a great deal into the venue and event operations to make this experience something you will absolutely love so we can not offer refunds for any reason outside of this written policy. Request refunds at

  • ii. Can I transfer my ticket?

    If you need to transfer your ticket to someone else you may do so, until 10 days prior to the event, by paying a $100 fee. Request transfers at

2. Travel FAQs

  • i. Which airport should I fly into?

    You can fly into the SEATAC airport (code SEA) and then get transportation to the hotel in Bellevue. Your flights and hotels and transportation are your own responsibility. 

  • ii. What hotel is the event at?

    We will share the event venue with ticket purchases after your purchase. Rest assured that the venue and location is extraordinary and something very special.

3. Billing FAQs

  • i. How do I buy more than one ticket?

    Of course you are very welcome to purchase multiple tickets, you just have to purchase each one individually. We apologize for this inconvenience, however, it is a system limitation in Kartra that we are forced to live with. ;) Please be certain that the ATTENDEE NAME for each purchase is the ticket holder who will have identification when they register. Delays or even non-admittance can happen if we can not identify the proper ticket holder.

  • ii. What company will my credit card company show?

    Your credit card will show the purchase from the Empowery eCommerce Co-op. You may reach out to us using if you have other questions.

4. Support FAQs

  • i. How do I book the hotel?

    Starting around Feb 20th we will send purchasers the hotel venue and other nearby hotels as well. This will allow you to select the best hotel for you. Of course it makes sense to stay in the same hotel as our event if you can for convenience and networking. Remember as someone who purchased tickets you should avoid sharing the location with non-paying guests who want to learn from your investment without attending. They are not awesomer!

  • ii. What's the weather like?

    It is a beautiful time of year in Seattle in the spring. The weather can still be unpredictable so pack appropriately. Our event will be business casual and in general we're not too worried about your attire. (The hotel is more upscale than we are, but we are going to make a big impression so they aren't going to hassle us.) Be prepared for fun!

  • iii. Can I be an affiliate?

    If you would like to learn about becoming an affiliate of Empowery to earn commissions on membership, events, and other empowery related activities please visit this partner page:


    We Love Entrepreneurs and hope you will join us soon.

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