Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

by Working Together

Empowery is for  Solopreneurs, Travelpreneurs, Fempreneurs, Serialpreneurs, Founders, & Entrepreneurs in eCommerce.


If You Want To Scale in a Sustainable Way,  you'll like what we have to offer

More Leverage

Combined co-op revenue will increase your negotiation power.

Mastermind Content

High level education and training in a community of peers and mentors.

More Effective Networking

Access to Empowery's vast network of vetted service providers and eCom partners.


Gain and instant audience and support other members that can learn from your experiences.

Melissa Simonson tells the story of being down to her last $30, the power for her house having already been turned off. It doesn’t take much imagination to consider that she might have appreciated a group of supportive, entrepreneurial people to help her through a difficult time.  

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Episode 60 – How to Leverage Group Power to Scale from Bootstrap Business to Success


Most entrepreneurs who have founded their companies are in reality fiercely independent and probably border on rebellious if we boil the fat off the bone.  But what if you could maintain your independence and be part of something that could resolve the sense of isolation?


One idea, one connection, one relationship, in an instant can change your business, your life, but more importantly it can change the course of history. 


Leverage better prices

We are driven to help improve members access to resources and service providers that also are leveraging the groups buying power to deliver an edge to our shareholding members every single day.



We are more powerful together

Part of Empowery's core mission is to help influence large marketplaces like Amazon as well as Government institutions that too often ignore the operations and financial realities that exist for small businesses. 



Access our knowledgeable team

The services team is there to help our shareholding members every day from removing the smallest pain point to triaging and solving the most pressing, show-stopping issue.



Inspiration for your next big idea

Empowery is designed to foster a community that helps YOU build your business and provide resources and ideas on different EXIT strategies to actualize wealth creation.


Steve's Stages of Entrepreneurship are something that many founders find very familiar. You can watch this quick video to see if the points resonate with you.

From The Desk Of

Steve Simonson

  Seattle, Washington

Dear Friends,


I wanted to take a moment to share one of the most important projects I have ever worked on in my career.


The member owned non-profit Empowery eCommerce Cooperative is a true movement of entrepreneurs who are joining together to change the world for the better.


Please take the time to learn more and don't forget to JOIN THE MOVEMENT!


My name is Steve Simonson and I am one of the co-founders of the Empowery Coop. I am also a member owner of the coop and I invite you to learn more about becoming a member too.


I have more than 30 years in business overall and over 20 years in the eCommerce industry specifically. If you want to know more about me you can check out my personal website: www.stevensimonson.com.


And if you want to learn more about my business philosophy about what it takes to create a company that not only creates opportunity and wealth for you, but also helps you lead a life worth living then check out my podcast at www.awesomers.com


You'll find over 100 HOURS of free content there because I  ❤️ ENTREPRENEURS! 


I hope you consider joining me on this important journey.


At Your Service,


Steve Simonson

Steve Simonson, Co-Founder



By Joining Forces With Other Top Tier eCommerce Players?

Do you remember that EUPHORIC moment when you decided to start your own business?

Your brain was telling you the exciting news: "I’m on my own!"

When you take that first step towards becoming an entrepreneur it is one of the most exciting times in your life.

You decided to take that RISK! You decided to take on the world ALL BY YOURSELF!

You decided to stop taking orders from the man and to CREATE YOUR OWN DESTINY!

Entrepreneurs from all over the world go through the same stages of starting a business.

Often your family and friends will think you are nuts.

Many times they think they are helping you by telling you to get back into a safe cubicle somewhere and

stop acting like a crazy person trying to start your own business. 

This lack of a support structure is a very common situation with entrepreneurs of all kinds, but it’s especially noteworthy in the eCommerce area since so many digital entrepreneurs are working from home alone. Now What?

Not long after the initial HIGH of excitement you start to learn about the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Many Entrepreneurs are born learners and therefore they have no problem spending

lots of time getting “into the weeds” of the business and finding a way to solve problems.

When things are working well the best case scenario still often leads to overwhelm. After all you can’t do it all yourself!

However, a more common scenario finds entrepreneurs not knowing what steps to take to create a long term profitable business.

We are all susceptible to shiny object syndrome and

we often want to take short cuts and find “ninja hacks” to get to the top faster.

We love a good hack as much as anyone, but the reality is they never last long term. So use them while you can, but to build a REAL business with a REAL potential to create wealth

and equity you have to do more than chase the latest hack.


And once you are overwhelmed the black dog of isolation shows up for a visit. And ironically this visitor makes you feel more alone than ever before. Too often when entrepreneurs are starting their businesses they find themselves feeling stuck and lacking a support system to dig themselves out of the hole they are in.

Now consider an alternative….

There is hope. There is a solution to every problem. There is Empowery.

We are a member owned non-profit Empower eCommerce Cooperative. We provides a way for YOU to join forces with link minded business owners and harness the power of the collective experiences and knowledge to make all of our businesses better. 


We are a non-profit, member-owned cooperative, founded to help eCommere entrepreneurs be successful in their businesses and their lives. 


Empowery means connecting with some of the most brilliant, successful business minds in eCommerce, share inside information and potentially even form partnerships and

joint ventures that can last a lifetime. 



Join an amazing collection of entrepreneurs who live by a "Rising Tide Lifts All Boats" mentality.

We are a member owned cooperative and a place for you to belong, too.

  • We Make You Money

    Enhance your financial performance  by operating as a powerful buying group to leverage upfront discounts, exclusive member perks, and cash back.

  • Perks

    The Empowery team also negotiates special "Perks" that are exclusive to Empowery members.

  • Community

    Being your own boss is awesome, but it can be lonely. With us you are part of a community that knows what owning a business is like.

  • Cashback

    Empowery members at the Silver (and higher) levels get a Cashback bonus in addition to their discounted price.

  • Influence

    With Empowery, we band together and can speak as one, much larger, organization. 


  • Buying Power

    When you join Empowery, you immediately get access to the rates that they have negotiated with vendors. 



Membership is by application. We do offer a BRONZE level membership which is oriented towards start ups. This membership level allows smaller members who share our values to leverage a lower tier of membership to help them accelerate their business through the start up stages. 

We believe BRONZE members can accelerate their growth and grow into the higher membership levels over time.

So unlike a bunch of the hyperbole laden internet marketing pitches we are not pitching scarcity here.  This offer will not expire at midnight. 

This is meant to be a forever cooperative to help stand up for eCommerce entrepreneurs anywhere in the world against unfairness, oppression, and other skullduggery that is only becoming too common in the marketplace.

We want more members not less. So we’re not going to tell you to apply before midnight or you’ll turn into a chicken.

However, we do want to remind you that it is very important that OUR values match YOUR values.

Even if an application is submitted and accepted, members can be removed from the group if there is a breach of trust or other action that demonstrates a breakdown of values. 

We can not compromise our values and standards for any reason.

Other membership levels starting at SILVER are available for those entrepreneurs who are real achievers and ready to grow their business. This membership level is where the benefits really start to accelerate!

So with those facts in mind, here are some things to consider before you apply:

Empowery has a strict no A-HOLE policy. If you are negative or scarcity-minded, you will be removed from the group. 

We like to enjoy our lives and we believe in revelry. When we host events you can expect to have fun!

We enjoy the finer things in life and we believe in abundance, however, at the end of the day this is a business group, and if you take more than you give, you will be removed unceremoniously.  Owners and top-level executives of established businesses as well as founders of funded eCommerce startups are invited to join.  Regular start ups can apply for the BRONZE level membership as well to get things started off on a solid foundation. 

NOTE: BRONZE members have limited benefits, but if you don't initially qualify for Silver we can help you obtain that level using Bronze as a starting point.

There's almost NO challenge in your business that your fellow Empowery members can't solve (and usually in just a few minutes), but you won't get maximum value unless you're willing to be totally transparent and vulnerable.

You must recognize that we all can grow and improve both personally and professionally AND that we must do so to achieve our goals. 

We do not welcome those who are boastful, thoughtless, or those who consider themselves “brutally honest.” 

Be honest, don’t be brutal. Successful people do successful things and your ability to participate in programs and activities can elevate your game.

Empowery will give you a chance to really EXPERIENCE success, and learn how to live a success filled life, but if you're the kind of person who's only out for number one, then Empowery is not for you.

The possibilities are endless 

We have witnessed first hand the forming of partnerships, the genesis of the “NEXT BIG IDEA”, and so much more by connecting entrepreneurs together. You must be willing to engage, participate, and put yourself out there to benefit others. Then you will see the laws of attraction really start paying off!

With relationships, the majority of your success is determined simply by who is willing to say YES.

The extraordinary members, resources, leadership, and team at Empowery will put you in a position to level up.

That's why, to be in Empowery, you need to keep an open mind. 

Remember Steve’s Axiom 0: “I don’t know nuthin about nuthin.” 

Even after decades of experience and tons of external recognition we start with the premise of, “What can we learn today? What can we give today?"

Your next multi-million-dollar idea could be as simple as a conversation with another member or Empowery resource, but will only be exposed IF you ask good questions and forge real relationships.


If you're still reading this letter then it's safe to assume that you're interested in joining our little band of rebels,

so let's talk about what it's like to be a member of Empowery.


Our philosophy is centered around the principle of helping as many eCommerce entrepreneurs as possible.

To that end we have established two membership levels that can be applied for as a new member:

BRONZE - This is a low cost membership tier designed to help start ups gain access to a limited range of the Empowery benefits and content with a smaller  upfront commitment and/or ongoing costs.

SILVER - For established eCommerce Businesses that have at least $1M in annual revenue. This is the initial membership tier for any new member who is ready to become a shareholding member. Silver members enjoy full access to all benefits becoming immediately available.


This investment is non-negotiable and the rates for joining/on boarding will continue to increase as the membership grows. Rates are subject to change without notice. And to be honest, if Silver membership seems expensive or out of reach, that's probably a good sign that you should start as a Bronze member.

There are critical differences between those two membership tiers, but the Bronze membership is designed to let you start to get exposure to Empowery's combined power and leverage without  risk. 

For those that are ready to join the movement to change the eCommerce world, the investment is certainly modest. 

If the Empowery resources can save you a single mistake or help avoid a single bad hire - you can easily 10x your initial investment.

Do we guarantee anything? No, of course not. It's your business and your own level of engagement that will drive your success. We are just a catalyst towards that end.

You need proven, actionable systems to grow your business and we can help connect you with those resources.

You can develop these yourself, but what will it cost you in valuable time, lost opportunity and lost profits? That's an expensive learning curve... right?

Share Holder Members Get 

All The Benefits.

Only Shareholding Member who buy into the co-op are eligible for all benefits. 

However, even BRONZE members get instant access to discounts and the power of the cooperative, not to mention other training and content from time to time.

Because there are so many programs with so many vendors with lots of different types of margin structures there are some programs that don’t offer all 3 benefits.

Some offer more, some offer less. 

However, the more members we get to buy together the more we can drive pricing efficiency with a vendor and help them achieve better

LIFETIME value from Empowery members, but lower day-to-day pricing. 

Remember that although buying power is a central and core benefit to

Empowery, we want our vendors to make money and be successful, too. 

Most programs offered by our pre-vetted, Empowery-approved Strategic Partners include:

  • Beat the Street Discount

    A price that is lower than the street price exclusively for members.

  • Perk Pack

    One or more benefits that make you feel like the red carpet is being rolled out for you, the velvet rope lifted, and while some may be intangible, they reinforce that you are a true VIP.

  • Cash Back

    Based on your purchases, vendors remit cash back to Empowery, which is shared with you, our shareholding members as another benefit of the co-op.

Over $13,000 in FREEBIES!

Of course, there is more to membership than just the discounts, cashback, online meetings, and the live events. There is a community that is worth the price of admission alone.


Bronze members get immediate access to BEAT THE STREET upfront discounts on dozens of programs as well as access to some exclusive member's only content and access to the closed Facebook group.

Silver members are also member owners. Once that share is purchased you become a voting owner of the cooperative with access to 100% of the Empowery benefits including BEAT THE STREET, PERK PACKS, & CASH BACK!


As a member, you'll also receive over $13,000 of the following bonuses:

  • Annual Conference (All Members Welcome - Ticket Prices Vary Based on Membership Levels)

    You get to attend at least one in person conference every year to experience presentations, workshops, and masterminding. At these meetings you'll get focused strategy time to actually work ON your business instead of working IN your business, distraction FREE. Think about how much you can accomplish in a three-day meeting, free from employees and interruptions.  We know how to run events and we know that these will be some of the best events you have ever attended!  Not some of the benefits below are for SILVER members and higher membership tiers and ARE NOT available to BRONZE members. Fair is fair.

  • Ownership - Exclusive to Silver Level + (Priceless)

    Silver members will pay $1000 to receive one voting share of the Empowery cooperative. This share of stock will never go up or down. If you should ever leave the coop the share of stock would be surrendered and the $1000.00 would be returned to you. This accomplishes a couple important things for the coop to operate properly. 

    Firstly is that it helps with the capitalization of the company. The more members the higher the capital position and the more innovation and investment the coop can consider for the benefit of members. 

    Secondly the concept of you being an owner of the non-profit coop is vastly different than simply being a customer of some buying group. YOU are a critical part of the process and you have the same vote that other members have regardless of the size of the member.

    This innovative cooperative concept is something that may be new to you, but it is tried and true all the back to Benjamin Franklin who started the first USA based cooperative over 200 years ago.

    The important part of this is NOT the mechanics of how a cooperative operates. The important part is that the business IS a cooperative that YOU are part owner of. That is special. That is unique.

  • Online Meetings - Exclusive to Silver Level + (Value - $3000)

    Silver members get to attend 12 invite only online meetings per year PLUS access to other bonus sessions throughout the year.

    At these meetings we’ll share current events and the potential impact to eCommerce businesses, spotlights about new or special programs of interest to members, best practices, blueprints, tips and other content that is curated and presented by Empowery. 

    For those that attend LIVE you will have access to ask live questions and get live answers from the Empowery leadership team and any guests that may be attending that month.

  • Five Emergency or Strategy One-On-One Calls - Exclusive to Silver Level + (Value - $5000)

    The leadership team doesn't do one-on-one consulting, but we do carve out time for Empowery members when they really need us.

    So as a member, you'll be allowed to schedule up to five (5) 30-minute calls with an Empowery Officer (Steve Simonson or Evan Hackel) when you need them during each calendar year. 

    These calls could be a panic, “What do I do?” call or they can be a calm strategic planning, “What do I do?” call. 😉

    Although we don’t make the important decisions for you, we will share our experiences, perspectives, and often we’ll tell you what WE would do in that same situation. Often we’ve already been there and can tell you how we dealt with the issue from real practice experience.

    If you are facing a lawsuit or an amazon suspension or even if you just want to talk about the future exit strategies these calls are extraordinarily valuable. Perhaps you just want one of us to help you with a deal review to see if the big picture is being looked at by the attorneys?

    We often find concepts or issues that lawyers have not yet considered. Although we are not your legal counsel nor are we training lawyers we have decades of experience with contracts and deal making. We get it.

    ** Note, this benefit will be removed as the membership gets too large to support these calls so the founding members and those other early pioneers should take advantage of this opportunity while they can!

  • Empowery Private Facebook Message Board  - Exclusive to Silver Level + (Value - $2500)

    For Silver members and higher you get access to a secret facebook group or similar online forum. This is a member favorite, because this is where you can get almost any question answered almost immediately by a Empowery officer, Empowery team member, adviser or a fellow Empowery member. This level of engagement and access is so valuable, that access to this online group alone could be a difference maker in your business.

  • Trip Sharing - All Members Welcome (Value - Priceless)

    New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Paris, and so many more… We move around. We do business in A LOT of places around the globe. In every city listed and many more we have hosted private sessions with fellow entrepreneurs. Each participant covered their own costs and the facilitation of ideas, masterminding, and networking took off!

    And as an Empowery member, you will be invited to join us from time to time on trips like these so you can learn first-hand about our global approach to business. (NOTE: These trips aren't all work...there's plenty of time for sightseeing, fantastic food, and exciting adventures, too!)

    Example 1 China: https://youtu.be/pr0tGcuMI-8

    Example 2 England: https://youtu.be/32pZXQZ0MhY

  • Early Access & Insights  (Value - Priceless)

    We're known for trying out new, and innovative strategies often before they are well known in the mainstream. 

    Some of these strategies we discuss publicly in passing, but often our best insights are kept to ourselves.

    A key exception we make is for Empowery members. As a member of Empowery we are at your service. We hold nothing back.

    As a member of Empowery your access to these insights and experiences can give you a MASSIVE advantage over your competition.


  • Gold Plated Rolodex of Powerful Network Connections (Value - Priceless)

    What’s the most valuable part of a business? Is it a patent, trademark, customer list, cool new design? All those things are great, but the most impactful and therefore the most invaluable…and the one that's made the most ROI and the one that would be the most impossible to replace, is relationships. We believe so strongly in long term relationships and we have a track record to prove it. (For you millennials a ROLODEX is an archival device to keep track of your contacts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolodex)


    As an Empowery member, you are able tap into this same network. You'll have the chance to connect with world class resources including published authors, builders of billion dollar brands, world class entrepreneurs from all parts of the world and so much more. 

  • Member Services Liaison (Value - Priceless)

    Need information on a specific topic? Need a vendor referral or help tracking someone down? Or maybe you'd just like help sourcing a new product, or you'd like to have someone review a joint venture proposal or business deal before you sign on the dotted line? Whatever your need, we're here to help. Our team will refer the most trusted resources that are vetted and help accountable.

  • Merchant account review (Value - $450)

    Our merchant processing partner will review your account to see if you are paying too much. We have seen cases of this review ALONE resulting in a relatively small member having the chance to save over $300 per month on merchant fees and there are larger examples of savings in the tens of thousands of dollars or more per year for larger eCommerce companies that process a lot of credit cards.

  • Freight forwarding review (Value - $500)

    If you're bringing in product from China or practically anywhere else in Asia or really anywhere else in the world you can leverage a couple of our resources to insure you are getting the best prices and service day to day. 

    If you are a high volume international shipper we have a global deal for those big shippers too that can’t be beat!

  • Amazon Listing Review & Copywriting Training (Value - $2500)

    Could your Amazon listing use an update? Or maybe your website needs a once over? Our Hypnotic Copywriting partner guarantees a 10x return, but before you even get started, they will run a free diagnosis on your listing, images and business reports to see how you can increase your sales and conversion.

    If you'd like to flex your own copywriting muscles, our partner will give you access to their premium training program, followed by an expert review of 3 listings you write, with a report on how to improve them to increase conversions even more.

    If you're ready to get started, our partner will also provide you with a free on boarding consultation when you invest in multi-variant split testing package, and free Sales Copy For Images add-on service with purchase of any package.

  • Business Coaching (Value - $1500)

    How would you like to have experts take an in-depth look at your business and tell you how you can plan your next steps in order to make sure you're on the path to success? Our business coaching partners will provide you with an Alignment Consultation and a 90 Day Planning Session FREE, as well as some incredibly valuable tools that can help keep your business on course, like: 


    1. DISC Profile

    2. Cash Flow Forecasting

    3. 90 Day Planning Template

    4. Key Performance Indicator Dashboard Tool

    5. Team Meeting Agendas

    6. Time Management Toolkit

  • Marketing Strategy Audit (Value - $500)

    How much is it worth to be certain that each of your marketing dollars are being spent wisely? Is your marketing director using the budget wisely or are there some areas that could use improvement?

    Our marketing experts will review your account and perform an audit on your current marketing strategies to find the strengths and weaknesses. If a $1 saved is potentially worth $10 earned, why not let our experts help you eliminate the waste and optimize the areas of strength?

  • Product Sourcing Review & Insights (Value - $1000)

    Are you at the point where you'd like to expand your brand and add a new product to your line? This can be very tricky and can quickly become overwhelming. From knowing which product to choose to be profitable, which facility to work with as your supplier/manufacturer, and how to resolve any potential disputes that arise, it feels like a jungle out there if you're on your own.

    Our sourcing partner gives members unique opportunities to win free product sourcing ideas for products ($1000 Value). When you work with this partner, you also get priority service for Empowery members and full commercial rights on photo or video packages.

  • Product Demo Video Review (Value - $199)

    Could your product demo or unboxing video use an update? Or do you still need to add one to your Amazon listing? Our partners will review your existing video(s) and let you know how they can be improved to increase conversion by up to 80%!

    Empowery members who book services are given priority status, so our orders go to the front of the queue.

  • Business Transition Preparation (Value - $3000)

    Most of you know that all business should start with a firm business plan in mind and on paper. But did you know that you should start your business with the end goal in mind, too? Are your intentions to build a business to sell later? Or to create something that you can be more flexible with your time down the line? Or do you want this to be a business that stays in your family for generations? Knowing and planning for the destination can help you make decisions about the way you're running, growing, and expanding your business now.

    Our partners will review your business and help you put a plan together for how best to achieve your end goal for your business. Additionally, they will generously give a 50% discount off of their valuation, which is an incredible $2500 discount for Empowery!

  • Individualized Fulfillment Review (Value - $200)

    Most of you know that all business should start with a firm business plan in mind and on paper. But did you know that you should start your business with the end goal in mind, too? Are your intentions to build a business to sell later? Or to create something that you can be more flexible with your time down the line? Or do you want this to be a business that stays in your family for generations? Knowing and planning for the destination can help you make decisions about the way you're running, growing, and expanding your business now.

    Our partners will review your business and help you put a plan together for how best to achieve your end goal for your business. Additionally, they will generously give a 50% discount off of their valuation, which is an incredible $2500 discount for Empowery!

  • Facebook Marketing Review (Value - $500)

    There are so many ways to use social media and other marketing tools to your advantage these days! Sometimes looking for the latest hacks seems like the easiest route, but our partners, who are previous Facebook Employees, can offer our Empowery community free basic chatbot implementation, a free Ad Account Analysis AND access to free UX tips!

  • EU Expansion Consultation (Value - $100)

    Are you considering an expansion into the European markets? Silver members pass through to phase 2 and move to the front of the line. Our partner will meet with you to review your business and help you discover if the timing is right or or if there are steps you can take to better prepare for a future expansion.

  • Facebook/Amazon Customer Review (Value - $500)

    It seems like magic to be able to link a customer who saw your ad on Facebook and later purchased your product on Amazon or your website, even if they didn't use the link! But our partners can help you do just that, attributing marketing dollars correctly by matching up your website or Amazon customers with Facebook profiles who were exposed to your ad.

    In addition, our partners offer the Custom Audience Retargeting add-on service FREE to Empowery members! When you're ready to try it out, because you heard it here first, you have access to an extended free trial while you delight in the new functionality your marketing dollars are uncovering.

  • Bookkeeping Review & Growth Planning (Value - $250)

    There are some things it pays to do yourself and some things it pays to hire someone else to handle expertly for you! If you could use an extra hand with your Amazon bookkeeping, we have partners who will dive deep into your business and give you a free business review and growth planning session. 

    Sometimes the tedious task of transferring all of the information from one software program into another can be daunting enough to prevent people from opting in when they hear about an amazing service. Luckily for Empowery members, once you are ready to get started, these partners provide FREE conversion from your existing bookkeeping software to QB Online so that they can start helping you manage your books immediately.

  • Hiring & Outsourcing Credit (Value - $50)

    Are you ready to begin working on your business instead of in it? Our outsourcing partner can help you find reliable help so that you can delegate the day-to-day tasks and really focus on the things that only you can do. To get you started, they're also giving you a $50 credit in your account!

  • Delegation Training & Review (Value - $300)

    If you're ready to begin delegating the day-to-day tasks in your business so that you can focus on the tasks that you are best suited for, we have a partner for that! They will give you access to Delegation Training, which teaches you the types of tasks that should be delegated, how best to set expectations, and which tasks should be handled by you, the entrepreneur so that you can manage frustration and keep miscommunications with your assistant or staff to a minimum.

    Our partner is also providing 3 months of free access to their Builders Club, which entitles you to bi-weekly calls with the owner and CEO to discuss the specifics of your business and help you resolve any challenges that you may be currently facing.

  • State Sales Tax Review & Action Plan (Value - $225)

    If you're living on planet earth, you've heard about the many recent changes to state sales tax laws. Whether you're looking to have someone else handle this for you or just need more info so that you can decide how you want to proceed, our partners will provide you with free materials that can help you get started so that you can stay nimble and flexible.

    1. Free Sales Tax Starter Kit

    2. Free Action Plan individualized for YOUR business

  • Traffic campaign review (Value - $375)

    Are your cost-per-clicks higher than they should be? Have this resource perform an overview.

  • Accountability - Exclusive to Silver Level + (Value - Priceless)

    Your peers will help hold your feet to the fire. If you make commitments publicly your peers are very likely to ask you to follow up with your progress. You will be held accountable to that plan. Silver members will have access to accountability partner assignments in 2019 and you will both schedule calls and hold each other to account. May God have mercy on your soul if fail to do what you said you would do because we won't.


    The Empowery conferences are the add on benefit of your Empowery membership.  We meet at minimum one time per year (and you are required to attend if you are a SILVER member or higher), but with member participation we may expand those gatherings both in terms of frequency and locations.

    We also have ZOOM Meetings every single month.  You can attend as many of these as you want LIVE or watch the recordings.  We really hope to have you join those calls LIVE as often as possible.  As an added bonus, your employees or staff can join in the ZOOM meetings and participate in any of the online training or content sessions.  At these meetings we cover current events, new programs, and often include training, presentations, or tips from the leadership team.  For live members we also offer time for an ASK ME ANYTHING (AMA) session to give members a consistent way to get questions in front of the leadership and the community. 

    We don't just sit around talking about untested theories, Empowery members are the "real people" who are in the trenches running multi-million dollar businesses every single day.  Empowery members are encouraged to share their victories as well as their embarrassing failures in great detail. You have to be willing to share. If this concept of sharing bothers you, please don't apply.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We’re all just people and whether your share is LIVE or pre-recorded, other members will find value in what is shared even if it makes you nervous.  More importantly, you must be willing to EXECUTE on the amazing ideas you hear, if not, please don't apply. 

    "One great idea executed is worth 1000 ordinary ones” - Ryan Diess, DigitalMarketer. Executing on a single strategy you learn can return your entire year's investment in a moment. These moments happen more often than you might imagine. The opportunities to learn from others and even create a copy of a success blueprint from fellow members comes as a result of your engagement, participating, and you deciding to be a leader.

Don’t forget all of the Empowery vetted resources are at your service. Strategic vendors and affiliated vendors will give you the chance to get more for your money. 


In addition to powerful members, vendors, advisers, the founders of Empowery ain’t too shabby, either. Steve Simonson and Evan Hackel have decades of first hand experience building small, medium, and even large scale businesses. 


Evan and Steve have taken the risk away from coop members by having the management company make all of the required investments, hiring of personal, and keeping all of the liability and headaches away from the members.


Over the years Steve and Evan’s companies have:

  • Invested over $18,000,000 (of our own money) on marketing including tests...
  • Generated hundreds of million of dollars in direct revenues and tens of billions more in coop member revenues...
  • Sent well over a BILLION permission-based emails, hundreds of millions of pieces of direct mail and...
  • Run approximately thousands of split and multi-variant tests... ...all through our own companies, not to mention managed over one million keywords at one time for a single company on Google Adwords. 
  • No matter how you slice it their experience is indisputable and awesome!
  • You certainly won't find a team like this working to facilitate a local free meet up in your neighborhood. This is world class talent. 
  • Best of all Steve, Evan, and the entire Empowery team are passionate about creating a global community of the best and brightest to band together to buy together, influence together, win together, and be better together.
  • And that's why we're hoping you'll join us…
  • The team is also extraordinary qualified and passionate about helping every member achieve their goals. 
  • Although the leadership may get their name on the marquee the people behind the scenes are worth their weight in gold. Never forget that!

Steve Simonson


Steve’s companies have been on the Inc. 500 fastest growing company multiple times not to mention many other accolades including nomination for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. 


He’s been around and he’s always “got a guy.”


Best of all he is volunteering in the Empowery organization and leading the management company (Duvall Coop Management) to help leverage his experience and his vast network of proven resources. You can see more of Steve’s resources at www.symoglobal.com.

Evan Hackel


Evan Hackel has built so many companies over the past couple decades it’s hard to keep track of them all. 


Evan’s company Tortal training (tortal.com) is one of the largest training companies in the Franchise marketplace. Tortal is responsible to help with the training of tens of thousands of employees are massive franchise brands like: Intuit, Denny’s, Honda, SportsClips, Bennigan’s, and so many more.

Evan was also a key executive at CCA Global and responsible for around 5 Billion in annual volume from that cooperative’s membership.

Evan also operated Ingage Consulting which is a top tier firm in the cooperative and franchising space with decades of experience and the facilitation of billions in sales.

Melissa Simonson


Like many of you, Melissa Simonson started her first business out of necessity. Though she took a difficult situation and spun it into a business that could support her family in comfort, she maintained that she was not a “real” business owner until after the 1 year anniversary of her first business.


Melissa now helps Empowery members join a community of peers and mentors who understand from personal experience how it feels to suffer from Imposter Syndrome. She has spent the past year and a half engaging with partners to negotiate on behalf of the entire co-op and the eCommerce community at large.

Megan Matheson


In addition to being the bookkeeper for our co-op, Megan is also happy to assist with any questions about joining our co-op or  to help answer any finance or billing questions. 


Megan is extremely skilled at creating and and implementing systems and is available to help our members and partners create systems of their own to track their cashback.


For Empowery Members Too...


  • All information shared through Empowery directory or between members during activities of any kind is strictly confidential and intended for member use only.
  • Sharing confidential information (other than with your staff for use inside your own business) is strictly prohibited. 
  • You can't come to Empowery, learn cool stuff and then go teach it or sell a course on it.
  • You can't learn from Empowery or your fellow members and go off to another mastermind and pass along the information to non-members. That's immoral!
  • Any member who shares confidential meeting information or details about a fellow member's business will be terminated and their dues WILL NOT be refunded.


  • Different Empowery activities and resources are designed for difference groups of users.
  • Some aspects of Empowery are just for the CEOs, founders, or other C-Suite level executives.
  • Some part of Empowery involve that same group of executives, but also welcome vendors to participate as well.
  • We are developing an area for employees and staff members (both internal and external) so they can share best practices with each other as well.
  • And still other Empowery services and resources are oriented towards all members, their team, vendors, partners, and even non members. 
  • Each area is clearly delineated for the target audience and we ask that the barriers are respects to be sure that each constituency’s trust is properly protected and maintained.


  • Business partnerships between members is encouraged, but duplication of other members' complete business models without permission or cooperation will result in your membership being terminated and could open you up to unknown legal liabilities related to theft of intellectual property. The moral of the story is DO THE RIGHT THING! 
  • We're are absolutely serious about this. We do not take kindly to theft (which is what this is), and we will do what we have to do to protect our members and the sanctity of this group.
  • Membership decisions are made by the officers and advisers on a case-by-case basis based on four major criteria:
    1. ​What you are able and willing to contribute to the group...​
    2. Your type of business and your probability to ROI the investment...
    3. Your overall personality and values match to the existing group...
    4. Recommendations of other Empowery members.


Will You Join Us?

Empowery eCommerce Cooperative

We're reviewing applications each and every week. We hope we'll see you soon.

Plus, our next meeting is coming up very soon, so we need to get the ball rolling.

If you can't join us right now that's no problem, but fortune favors the bold.

In the event that you are not a fit we'll let you know as soon as possible in a dignified way and we'll still be at your service in a less formal way.

If you've made it this far you are ready to take action.

Once you have committed to your partnership level by selecting Bronze or Silver and completing the check-out, you will receive information from us and we will being reviewing your application, provided your values are in line with ours. We look forward to welcoming you into our community of entrepreneurs.

Member Stories.

    When members join the cooperative it is not uncommon for them to wonder how to take advantage of the connections, relationships, and benefits that the cooperative helps create. The first step is to just start asking questions. 

    Ask the member services team about a challenge you are having to see if this particular issue is something that has already been solved.

    We recommend taking at least 15 minutes per week to review Empowery resources and service providers to see how YOU can start solving problems and saving money at the same time.

Here are some examples of solutions meeting problems in a unique cooperative way:

  • Reducing Fees

    A new Empowery member was working to reduce both short term and long term storage fees at Amazon and found a perfect 3PL solution.

    Due to the oversized nature of the items the 3PL was going to place a limit on the seller’s storage. 

    Empowery was able to step in and encourage the 3PL to make an exception for the Empowery member and the problem was solved.

  • Smooth Transition

    An Empowery member considered exiting their business. They weren’t sure where to begin. 

    After consulting with some Empowery associates a plan was put into place to provide the entrepreneur lots of options to prepare their business for sale AND to create a positive financial outcome, WHILE protecting that entrepreneur from future liabilities by structuring the deal properly.

    Empowery’s resources have the experience to lead fellow founders and entrepreneurs through the darkness. Best of all Empowery's negotiated rates save big money on exits vs. the normal brokerage channels!

  • Freight Forwarding

    A new Empowery member joined over the summer and immediately asked about freight forwarding and logistics providers. 

    The member was provided one of the strategic shipping partners and with the VERY first shipment saved enough to more than cover the initial on boarding fee for SILVER membership! 

    That single decision paid instant dividends. The best part is that future shipments will help save even more.

  • Better Connections

    A member tried to sign up with a world class currency vendor and was denied. 


    After mentioning the story to Empowery the team was able to intervene and get the account approved without further delay which included access to all related Empowery benefits. 


"Steve is awesome, in fact, he’s Awesomer. He’s a guy who has been selling on Amazon for a number of years and all along he has been committed to helping other people. He helps people that are upcoming that need traction to get started. He also helps people beyond him and gives them insights to help them with their businesses as well"

Rich GoldStein

Attorney & Business Coach, Goldstein Law

"Empowery as an organization is very important to me, they are a co-op and are sellers.  I think all of us who are small sellers...we struggle with our day to day battles that we are fighting and we are up against The Big Guys, Amazon being one of those big guys … Big Competitors. So a Co-op is a great structure for us to come together and have common resources, common information."

Bernie Thompson

Founder, Efficient Era and Plugable Technologies

"My business was undergoing stress and I needed some good ideas to help me get back on track, so joining Empowery seemed like the right thing to do. I found great value attending the Empowery Summit because the level of presenters and information they shared was relevant and I can go back and immediately implement. It was nice to speak with other entrepreneurs about decision making and receive real empathy about the problems I have encountered in my business, which made me really feel we are all in this journey together and supported"

Norman Crenshaw


"Steve has access to a lot of people that most of us don’t have access to. Everything from going and visiting Amazon, actually speaking to the heads of departments at Amazon, speaking to some of the bigger players at eBay… Bringing guys in that help you get into Costco and even Rick Cesari, who has done 4 Billion Dollars worth of infomercials… The George Forman Grill and a ton of other stuff… To come in, get that level of access, hear these people speak, and not only that but also the people in the crowd. You’re always surprised… Your speaking to someone, all of a sudden they are saying they’ve done $10 Million or $15 Million or some ridiculous number and they’ve got all these little insights and tips and you could learn something not only from the speakers at events but also the members of Empowery."

Kevin King



Take a step towards a positive future right now. #INDEPEDENTTOGETHER


Join as a Bronze Member


$499 one time payment to join


Join as a Silver Member


$1000 share + $1000 one time fee


Gold Membership is Earned


Your Monthly Subscription will become an earned benefit with $12K+ in accrued Cashback in the prior year




Empowery Cooperative

Not everyone is a fit.

Empowery is NOT for everyone.

There are tons of businesses out there that will sell anything to anybody. 

Empowery is different. 


We’re a cooperative. To learn more about cooperatives check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooperative


Members own a share of voting stock and have a say in the direction of the cooperative.

Empowery is NOT open to everyone, and to be candid, some who apply are not accepted. 

However, if you do manage to get in, you'll be able to call some of the best and brightest minds in the world of eCommerce your friends, and if you understand that success in life is less about what you take from others and more about what you are able to give to others, you fill find a most welcoming community.

Empowery is built around entrepreneurs who share the same vision and values and those who choose to do more and to be INDEPENDENT TOGETHER

If you are the kind of person who settles for the status quo you are not a good fit.

If you are the kind of entrepreneur that is always wondering how to take instead of how to give you are not a good fit.

On the other hand if you resonate with this quote you are FAR MORE likely to be a fit:


“You can have everything in life you want,

if you help enough others get what they want.”

- Zig Ziglar


This counterintuitive statement really does summarize our philosophy about business and about life.

The message is not only powerful, but it is absolutely true.


    But If You're Getting Excited

    Join the Movement!

    You have the the unique opportunity to be part of something that impacts an entire industry. 

    Imagine 1000 eCommerce entrepreneurs representing billions of dollars of sales on Amazon and on their own websites standing up and saying:

    “NO AMAZON. That policy is NOT fair and we’re not going to take it anymore, we’re on strike!”

    Imagine the Wall Street Journal headlines 10 years from now about what they might say about the cooperative forcing positive changes on the Amazon marketplace...

    Imagine 60 Minutes reporting that the tax collectors are finally implementing policies that are fair and not burdensome to small businesses...

    Imaging the future when we work together to make life better for YOU. We are better together.


    We love this quote…


     “We are all so much together,

    but we are all 

    dying of loneliness.” 


    - Albert Schweitzer


    Relationships and connections in your life and in your business are when the real magic starts to happen. 

    We live in a world of social media that gives us a false sense of togetherness, but it is not authentic and often results in users feeling MORE alone than without exposure to it.

    Connections can create shortcuts that save you pain and without them business can be a hard and a very lonely place. 

    Empowery is YOUR opportunity to change your life and the direction of your business forever. 

    You are invited to discover what Empowery can do for you. You are invited to learn about becoming an owner of Empowery.

    You are invited to jumpstart your business with unprecedented access to resources and ideas...

    We're a safe bet.

    You're membership is on a month to month basis

    and your first monthly due is on us!

    If at any point you decide you are not happy with your membership, you may terminate at any time. It is a privilege to have membership to Empowery and we also retain the right to terminate the membership of any company that does not obtain their member agreement.


    When and Where Are the Meetings?

    How Long Will It Take To Find Out If I Am Accepted After I Join?

    What size business benefits most from being part of a co-op?

    How are the Empowery Strategic Partners vetted?

    How do I know If I Am Eligible?

    I'm Successful, But Not In eCommerce

    What do I get out of it?

    How do I join as a partner?

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