Empowery Go Global Initiative 

We're making it easier for eCommerce brand owners and entrepreneurs to find a path to expand globally. The path is much more clear and easier to understand with the Empowery authorized experts who are part of the team.

Feasibility Assessment

Phase 1


One Time Payment

Online Form Submission

Quick Review

Candid Feedback

Full Engagement

Opportunity Begins

Formal Contract

Negotiated Rates

True Partnership

It all starts with Phase 1

We know you would love to skip to the end and Go Global today, but unfortunately that's not how it works. Availability is VERY limited, and this quick and painless assessment is vital to weed out those who are not serious and to hold your place in line. This is NOT a money maker. This is a step to qualify those who are ready to begin the journey in a meaningful way. Only those brands who can overcome these very simple hurdles will have the chance to move onto the big opportunity.

  • Online Form Submission



  • You Will  Guarantee Your Spot in Line and Find Out How Soon We Can Roll Out For You

  • Our Experts Will Review and Contact You With Additional Questions Within 3 Days

  • Those Who Get Past Phase 1 Will Hear from the Empowery Team When Your Opportunity Can Begin

$100/One time payment

We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.

We DO NOT guarantee that your product will pass Phase 1.

In fact some products and brands will FAIL Phase 1.

We do, however, guarantee that our experts will review the information that you submit through the online form and, based on their expert opinion, provide a "GO or NO GO" response. A further assessment will then take place between you and our experts directly, which will help you determine your product's viability in your chosen marketplace even if they are not able to help your business.


The objective of this step is to weed out tire kickers. The program is too busy and FAR too valuable to have lots of interested people asking questions if their product doesn't fit. If you don't think $100 is worth getting an answer from experts if your product has a shot to Go Global - move along! We only want serious brand owners.


NO Money Back Guarantee

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