30 Days to Cross Border Trade!


How To Get Complete Cross Border Trade set up in 30 Days or Less.

  • Eliminate VAT and Sales Tax!!

    The compliance burden on you will be removed 100% by using this program.

  • Native Language

    You no longer have to worry about world class native listing management, customer service and PPC management. It's done for you.

  • The Price is Right

    The program is designed to make your life easier by combining great services at compelling prices which makes an unbeatable value proposition. Your sales AND profits will increase!


This program is designed to allow brand owners to expedite their cross border sales by removing the most common barriers. This has the potential to deliver huge ROI for any brand who is prepared for growth.


Steve Simonson

Co-Founder at Empowery

The smartest brand owners will always look for the highest points of leverage to grow in a fast yet sustainable way. This program is the most unique way to combine speed and reduce friction for cross border trade.


Evan Hackel

Co-Founder at Empowery

NOTE: The program providers will have the right to review and approve applications to be sure there is a good fit. In some cases products that require country specific regulatory compliance may require extra time and investment. Things like health and beauty products that are highly regulated may cause delays or otherwise be unqualified to participate in this program.

We WANT all products and all sellers to be able to leverage this extraordinary opportunity and we'll work with our in-country resources to help resolve any issues for each participant.

Additionally please know that the available on boarding slots may be limited therefore applications that are submitted first when the program launches will have priority review.

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